Hi, Marlie here.Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

Parliament Hill
Parliament Hill

With your help I will be answering questions and/ or concerns that you may have about what flowers you can use for specific wedding themes such as Tropical, Traditional, Contemporary,Artistic,Country and/or Fantasy. Plus I will be sharing tidbits from the floral industry and much more.

Who is Marlie ? I reside in the beautiful capital of Canada,Ottawa, Ontario and have been very blessed to have  a great career in the floral industry spanning over 17 years.

These blogs are an opportunity for me to share my knowledge and sometimes skill, with those who are just curious, those who want  a general knowledge and for those who want to do-it-yourself (diy) wedding and event decorations, with  professional savvy.

My goal is to help you make your dream wedding or special event come true. Nobody has to settle for second best, due to lack of understanding, knowledge or budget. You deserve to have exactly what you want and more,let me be your guide into the floral industry in making floral choices that are beautiful,practical and within budget.

Let your creative imagination soar…not the creative type you say, that’s fine, Let me show you flowers through my creative vision.

Together we can make your wedding or special event as lavish, simple or artistic as you want, so let’s get educated,let’s get imaginative and let’s get to work, for enquires or topics you would like to discuss go to info@marliesweddingdesigns.com.

Let’s get busy, let’s get creative and let’s get to work. Happy planning to all!

Peace and Blessings always...



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