• Hand Tied
    Hand Tied

    white Casablanca lilies w/ pittosporum

  • Cream roses, green fiji mums,asiatic white lilies and green tinted hydrangea

  • All white Casa Blanca lilies,roses, stephanotis and salal leaf

  • Plum chrysanthemums, white akito roses with bicolor fijis purple and white

  • All around cream vendela roses

  • wristlet

    bicolor yellow rose w/ ruscus israeli

  • wristlet sideview
    wristlet sideview

    bi color yellow rose w/white dendrobium orchid and italian ruscus

  • Boutonniere and  Wrislet
    Boutonniere and Wrislet

    white sweetheart roses w/leather fern

  • Wristlet and Boutonniere aerial view
    Wristlet and Boutonniere aerial view

    lavendar freesia w/baby's breathe and leather fern

  • Hairclip

    white dendrobium orchid w/ baby's breathe and italian ruscus

  • Hairclip side view
    Hairclip side view

    white dendrobium orchid w/ baby breathe and italian ruscus

  • Corsage

    creme vendela rose w/ white monte casino


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