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Wedding Flowers

Well, we’re deep into summer temperatures that rage from 30ºC plus or 80ºF plus, and weddings and out-door events with beautiful floral designs adorning gazebos, and tables and tents. But will your beautiful arrangements, last throughout your proceedings? Can that lush rose bouquet make it throughout your wedding ceremony, photographs and reception? roses

I have heard horror stories, of brides floral bouquets falling apart on  the church steps after the ceremony,  flowers wilted by the time they reach the reception and bruised or damaged  flowers so visible that the photographer had to work a lot of photo shop magic to make the bouquet look fresh.

You shouldn’t  have any of these problems, nor should you have to concern yourself with any of these issues. You are a Diva for the day, and as a Diva you should have the best . Strutting your way in perfect flow, from ceremony, to photographs to reception to your luxury suite. So, what assurance do you have that your flowers will make it through your day,with  the theme you want, the flowers you want and in the colors you want? It starts, with making practical and  specific floral choices; color, design style and usage of flowers overall.

Let’s explore The Rose Family

The questions that we have to ask…,

  • Will these flowers make it throughout the day without being in water ?
  • Will these flowers make it until I  can get a sufficient water source for them?
  • Will  sun exposure damage the flower’s bloom?

Roses are hardy, the  standard  rose is commonly used in bridal bouquets because of its elegance and hardiest; ability to stay fresh while out of water for periods of  time.  Flowers although beautiful  are generally hardy, most flowers endure hours of travel time from the Farms in South America, to your local wholesaler , to the local florist and to you. During this journey, flowers are usually supported through the use of coolers, a snip of a stem and a drink of water.  Most flowers retain water through their stems, and roses once receiving the proper care, can  last in a vase upward  of 3 weeks.

The standard red rose is the dominant color in the rosa genus with the white rose being recessive. However, with  farmers breeding   hybrids, new improved varieties, what colors become  dominant and recessive will no doubt change.  While biotechnologist  in  Educator and Colombia; where the bulk of commercial roses are grown. and parts  Europe,United States and Canada, work tirelessly to test, create and cultivate soil, seeds and  flowers for the generations to come.

Did you know ?

That a standard single rose bloom  can yield from 30 to 50 rose petals and that less than 90% of roses cultivated today are scented.

The rose family continues to bud and bloom, with new varieties, being harvested yearly like 3D rose, which  hot pink on the outer petals  and peach in the inner core petals and the Birds of paradise rose a  bi color rose (two colors)  that is yellow the inner core, with orangey red outlines on the outer petals. New exciting colors and mixes, add to our imagination and creative style as designers, giving the consumers, more choice, greater satisfaction and value for their dollar.

Stay tune as we continue to explore other flower families that are hardy and practical for making long-lasting floral designs that enhance your wedding or special event. Please check out my rose gallery for those who are visual and want an idea of long-lasting roses and their specific name or variety. For further investigation check out www. sierraflowerfinder.com, for beautiful colors, descriptions and care and join me next time as we journey on.

 Peace and Blessings,


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Wedding Season

In July, the wedding season is now in full swing. Brides are impatiently waiting their big day; wedding parties’ are working meticulously to make sure every detail is fulfilled according to the brides every wish.

Dresses are fitted, make up and hair appointment set, and flowers are purchased and are being prepared….or are they?

Do you mean you have forgotten to order your flowers?

Oh know, your wedding is in how many weeks…2 weeks. What are you going to do? Calm down you didn’t forget to order your wedding flowers that would be silly, but are you really getting the flowers you want? Who dictated your floral choices, your budget, your limited knowledge, your grandmother, or your mother-in-law?

Are you really getting the wedding of your dreams …. your fantasy, or imagination? The one you pictured all those years ago when you were young and more innocent then you are now. What is your favorite color or flowers?  Does your wedding have a theme, tropical, traditional or contemporary?

Asiatic lilies and white lisianthus bouquet

Stargazer lilies and white lisianthus bouquet

If you are getting exactly what you want, congratulations!
But for you who are not it’s not too late, to make a few minor adjustments to get your wedding to look the way you want it. For example, an urn shape vase clear glass or shaded can add to a contemporary theme, a few ti leaves and birds of paradise, or orchids or red ginger(… I could just go on and on)  can add to a tropical theme and the stunning yet classic red roses or white roses can bring in the traditional.

To thy self be true, don’t be afraid to express yourself this wedding season, after all it is your day, enjoy it and make it a dream come true.

Peace and Blessings,